Newsreel Magazine subscribers have this to say about Newsreel:

“Through the Newsreel I have found new friends and share ideas with others. Newsreel is a regular part of my life and it is one of the publications I tell my listeners they should not be without.”
J. D. PA

“…just came on board…didn’t know what to expect…really so pleased with everything… Found myself answering the people, saying yes, oh yes, what about this and what about that? I’ll be listening for next month!”
B. G. MI

“You know, this is quite a magazine, because where in the world can you sit in your own living room and listen to people from the ski slopes of Colorado, to the hurricanes of Florida, then over to Australia, where you can hear the accent of people over there! Of all the magazines that I receive, I look forward to receiving the Newsreel the most!”

We hope you’ll join the “Newsreel family.”
Irwin Hott, Editor